21f Tool Kit

About the 21f Tool Kit

Section 21f of the State School Aid Act generated many requests for support. With input from MDE, MASSP, MEMSPA, MASA, MAISA, MASB, MACUL, Michigan ASCD, and REMC representatives, MVU identified, developed, and collected an initial set of practical resources - a Tool Kit - to support schools as they implement expanded online learning options for students under Section 21f. The majority of resources in this Tool Kit are PDFs of sample letters and forms and draft policies. Each PDF contains a link to a Word document that you can modify to suit local needs. Also included are individual informational documents that can be used as references, as well as slide presentation material. You'll also find a new interactive version of the popular MVU Online Learner Readiness Rubric that can be used to create a scoring record for each student.

We plan to provide additional resources as they become available and will make improvements as we receive feedback. Please let us know if you see any gaps in this first set of tools and what other resources would be most helpful to you. We hope you find these resources helpful.

If you have requests for items to be included or have samples to share, please contact Becky Stimson at rstimson@mivu.org.

Introduction to the Tool Kit

Legislative Information

Pupil Accounting Manual

Draft Letters Explaining 21f and Who to Contact

Sample School Board Policies

District Policy Considerations

Sample Handbook Language

Planning Guide for Online and Blended Learning

Parent Guide to Online Learning

Online Learner Readiness Rubric

Sample Counselor Checklist

Sample Section 21f Enrollment Request Form

Student Resources

Sample Survey to Gauge Interest in Online Learning

Mentor Best Practices

Teacher Best Practices

Resource List

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