Mathematics of Baseball

Course Description:

In this course, students will learn about the mathematics found in baseball using Google Sheets as well as other tools and software. Topics will include a study in statistics, analyzing measures of central tendency as well as two-way frequencies tables. Students will work as a scouts, analyzing rates and speeds as found in the sport and as general managers, analyzing trends and making math-based decisions. Students will also work as team managers, looking at probabilities of independent events and trends in data. Finally, students will research the history of baseball, and complete a culminating final project.

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Course Title (District): Mathematics of Baseball
Course Title (NCES SCED) : Foundation Math—Other
Course Provider : Whitehall District Schools
Content Provided By : Michigan Virtual
Online Instructor Provided By : Whitehall District Schools
Standards Addressed : CCSS, MMC
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Academic Terms : Accelerated, Semester, Trimester
Subject Area : Mathematics
Course Identifier : Foundation Math—Other
Course Level : (G) General or Regular
Available Credit : 0.5
Sequence : 1 of 1

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Additional Course Information:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to…

  • Create a google sheet with specific formatting and use of basic equations.
  • Calculate the measure of central tendency.
  • Analyze the effect of outliers on a spread of data.
  • Students will calculate variance and explain what variance says about a data set.
  • Students will form and support an opinion on the use of sabermetrics in baseball.
  • Calculate standard deviation and explain what it says about a data set.
  • Students will create box and whisker plots based on given data sets.
  • Students will create and analyze two-way frequency charts and relative two-way frequency charts.
  • Students will calculate and compare the pitching statistics ERA and WHIP.
  • Analyze pie graphs and histograms.
  • Create data displays.
  • Create scatter plots in Google sheets and find the equation of trendlines.
  • Predict outcomes based on linear regression.
  • Analyze data displays as they relate to baseball.
  • Solve for sides of right triangles use the Pythagorean Theorem.
  • Apply the Law of Cosines to find distances in triangles.
  • Calculate distance, rate and time.
  • Calculate average rate of change of a function.
  • Write linear equations to model distance with respect to time.
  • Write quadratic equations to model the height of a ball with respect to time.
  • Solve proportions.
  • Create scale drawings
  • Calculate and analyze ratios statistics in baseball.
  • Create exponential models using Google Sheets.
  • State the difference between correlation and causation.
  • Form and defend arguments in regard to correlation and causation.
  • Use models and data displays to make predictions.
  • Calculate basic probability.
  • Find probability of independent and dependent events.
  • Find expected value and use it to make decisions in baseball.
  • Write a short research paper
  • Compile and analyze baseball statistics.

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Unit 1: Statistics in Baseball

Unit 2: Analyzing Statistics in Baseball

Unit 3: Representing Data Graphically

Unit 4: Rates and Distance in Baseball

Unit 5: Ratios in Baseball

Unit 6: Modeling in Baseball

Unit 7: Probability in Baseball

Unit 8: The History of Baseball

Unit 9: End of Game Project

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