Science A (8th Grade)

Course Description:

This is the first course in a two-course sequence. Middle School Comprehensive Science 3 is the third in a series of three consecutive middle school science classes. It builds on concepts introduced in the first and second courses of the series, including the disciplines of life science, physical science, and earth-space science. In addition, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts are integrated throughout the course. Students learn about properties of matter, physical and chemical changes, atoms and the periodic table of elements, photosynthesis and cellular respiration, the universe, and the solar system. Hands-on and virtual laboratory investigations are included throughout the course to provide students opportunities for exploration through scientific inquiry, research, measurement, problem solving, and experimental procedures. By the end of the course, students will be practicing, experimenting, thinking, and talking like a scientist!

Course Details:

Course Title (District): Science A (8th Grade)
Course Title (NCES SCED) : Science (grade 8)
Course Provider : Whitehall District Schools
Content Provided By : Florida Virtual School
Online Instructor Provided By : Whitehall District Schools
Standards Addressed : NGSS
Ailgnment Document :
Academic Terms : Semester
Subject Area : Life and Physical Sciences
Course Identifier : Science (grade 8)
Course Level : (G) General or Regular
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Additional Course Information:

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

•describe the steps of the scientific method and how it is used to explain natural phenomena;

•recognize common measurements of matter and calculate density, mass, and volume;

•compare and classify substances based on their physical properties;

•describe the atomic theory of atoms and compare the properties of solids, liquids, and gases;

•differentiate between physical and chemical properties of substances and identify processes in nature that represent physical and chemical changes;

•demonstrate that mass is conserved after a physical or chemical change;

•describe how temperature influences chemical changes;

•describe the structure of an atom and the electrical charges/forces that exist between protons, neutrons, and electrons;

•predict properties of an element when given its name or its atomic number;

•explain why there are many, but limited, combinations of elements to make compounds;

•describe the properties of acids, bases, and salts and identify common examples of acids, bases, and salts;

•explain the differences between pure substances, mixtures, and solutions;

INACOL Online Course Quality Standards

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Review Conducted By : Michigan Virtual
Date of Review : 05/05/2014

Module 01: Matter (Scientific Knowledge; Measurements of Matter; Volume and Density; Physical Properties; Measuring Physical Properties)

Module 02: Changes in Matter (States of Matter; Physical versus Chemical Changes; Conservation of Mass; Thermal Energy and Chemical Change; Physical Models)

Module 03: Elements and Compounds (Atomic Theory; The Periodic Table; Compounds; pH and Salts; Mixtures and Pure Substances)

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Students can use chat, email or private message system within the course to access highly qualified teachers when they need instructor assistance.