Principles of Human Services A

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This course covers the various career pathways in human services, such as counseling, mental health services, and consumer services. In addition, the course covers workplace skills, such as a positive work ethic, integrity, budgeting basics, self-representation, and teamwork.

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Course Title (District): Principles of Human Services A
Course Title (NCES SCED) : Human Services Career Exploration
Course Provider : Mancelona Public Schools
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Standards Addressed : Michigan Merit Curriculum
Academic Terms : Accelerated, Open Entry / Open Exit, Semester, Trimester
Subject Area : Human Services
Course Identifier : Human Services Career Exploration
Course Level : High School (Secondary)
Available Credit : 0.5
Sequence : 1 of 2

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This course will help you meet the following goals: Explain various types of mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and stress. Describe the types of mental health services in the United States and aspects of these services. Describe various ways to prevent domestic violence and treat victims. Demonstrate job acquisition and advancement skills by preparing to apply for a job and seeking promotion. Discuss aspects of maintaining a healthy financial status. Discuss ethical and legal aspects of consumer services. Demonstrate a positive work ethic and integrity through abiding by workplace policies and laws and demonstrating honesty and reliability. Learn positive self-representation skills by dressing appropriately and using language and manners suitable for the workplace. Demonstrate reading and writing skills and teamwork by contributing new ideas and assisting others in the workplace.
Unit 1: Personal Characteristics
Unit 2: Employability Skills
Unit 3: Counseling and Mental Health Services
Unit 4: Consumer Services
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