JIA English 9A

Course Description:

The first of a two semester sequence introduces students to high school English classes using a genre-based study strategy. Students experience the content of English 9 through readings, journals, vocabulary assessments, quizzes, tests, discussions, projects, presentations, and supplemental multimedia. Students will regularly analyze prose and poetry through writing and summative projects. English 9A introduces students to high school English course expectations. Students begin with a study of narrative, informative, and argumentative styles of writing, while preparing mini-essays. Next, students move into a study of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, in which they create an EP combining musical selections with the plot points of the play. Finally, students engage in the process of independent reading in which they create an artifact representative of the book. A final examination covering types of writing, Romeo and Juliet, SAT-style questions, and essay writing culminates the semester.

Course Details:

Course Title (District): JIA English 9A
Course Title (NCES SCED) : English/Language Arts I (9th grade)
Course Provider : Jenison Public Schools
Content Provided By : Jenison Public Schools
Online Instructor Provided By : Jenison Public Schools
Standards Addressed : CCSS, MMC
Academic Terms : Semester
Subject Area : English Language and Literature
Course Identifier : English/Language Arts I (9th grade)
Course Level : (G) General or Regular
Available Credit : 0.5
Sequence : 1 of 2

How To Enroll:

Email : [email protected]
Phone : 616) 457-8477

Students and Parents: It is important to work closely with your local school counselor or registrar to follow the school's enrollment procedures. By clicking the "Start Registration Request" button below, you will be able to notify the school of your interest in registering for the online course. However, it is the responsibility of the district or school to review the registration request and approve or deny the request. Please make a note to follow up with your school after submitting a registration request.

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Additional Course Information:

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Review Conducted By : Jenison Public Schools
Date of Review : 07/06/2020

Semester 1:
Unit 1: Freshman Academy
Unit 2: William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
Unit 3: The Joy of Reading

Term Type Enrollment Opens Enrollment Ends Random Draw Date Enrollment Drop Date Course Starts Course Ends # of Seats Course Fee Potential Additional Costs
Semester 07/01/2020 08/18/2020 08/04/2020 09/08/2020 08/25/2020 12/18/2020 20 $300.0000 15.0000
Drop Policy Completion Policy Term Type Enrollment Opens Enrollment Ends
Enrollments must be dropped prior to the drop deadline two weeks after the beginning of the semester. Students must earn a final semester of 60% or better in order to have successfully completed the course. Semester 07/01/2020 08/18/2020

Instructors will be accessible through email and regularly scheduled synchronous sessions. Students can also visit Virtual Learning Center for help throughout the day.

A computer or Chromebook with internet access is required. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are recommended.